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PPV Buys Down For The Royal Rumble, Canadian Wrestler Receives Tryout

— Preliminary pay-per-view purchase estimates for the 2011 Royal Rumble is 449,000 buys, slightly down from last year (462,000). The figure is in line with 2009, which drew 450,000 buys.

— Dru Onyx, a 6-foot-2, 320 pound Montreal-based wrestler, is scheduled for a WWE tryout at the organization’s developmental facility in Tampa, Florida.

— WWE has posted several job listings on their corporate website including Vice President, Legal and Business Affairs; Supervising Producer, WWE Programming; Administrative Assistant – Creative Writing. The job listings can be accessed here.

sources:, SLAM! Wrestling

  • slim

    LOL at TomC TNA ia only about 420,000 PPV buys behind.

  • mj

    @ TomC doesn’t TNA use the same boring storylines? let me explain
    for the past 3 years they seem to repeat like take overs! from Mick foely to MEM to Immortal they’ve done this time and time again. Sting showing up out of nowhere Again! What is this the 5th time he’s cameback and saves the day once AGAIN! I know hogan and bishoff are in dixie’s ear half of the time but DAMN!

  • TomC

    @drg … I’ve never said I “hate” WWE. I have PLENTY of criticisms for the WWE – especially over the last couple of years. But I still watch RAW every Monday (Smackdown, not so much). Likewise, I have 9and have expressed) plenty of criticism for TNA as well.

    I do agree with you that BOTH organizations need to LISTEN to the fans – which I don’t think EITHER of them do very well. far too many egos in the decision making seats in BOTH organizations.

  • @ Jeff. My thoughts 100%.

  • drg

    As much as i dislike alot of wwe’s creative decisions they have some good moments too, but theyre pretty bad overall. But TomC you continue to be a hater of wwe when tna has Vince Russo, who is even less consistent with help from the rest of tna’s creative team, than wwe. Both companies have problems with boring/recycled storylines, you have to expect that though at this point. We’ve seen the golden ages in the 80’s, the attitude era in the 90’s, 2000-2005’s inbetween phase of attitude and pg, and the past 5 or so years the pg era. Theres not alot of original material left, wrestling fans in all (including myself and many others on this site) expect way too much and no matter what is going on have something to complain about. We and the people in charge of wwe and tna need to find a middle ground which is nearly impossible.

  • TomC

    If we were to use the same (flawed) logic that our resident TNA Haters love to try to spew, I guess the lower buy rate means that WWE only has one or two years left, eh? [/end sarcasm]

    @Jeff … If by “bitch about the writing” you mean about the writing in the WWE, you better believe there are likely SEVERAL here who could do better. Let’s face the facts, the writing on WWE over the past couple of years has been HORRIBLE – ESPECIALLY with the whole “PG” focus. The storylines have been boring/recycled and the matches have been – for the most part – repetitive and uninspired.

    One of the GOOD things I have been noticing lately is that WWE has been CROSS-UTILIZING the talent more and more between shows. Thsi is a PLUS in my opinion. I NEVER enjoyed the “brand split” and the “separation” that occurred – ESPECIALLY with TWO heavyweight championships. There needs to be ONE GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP that everyone wants. Having two diminishes the value of being THE champion.

  • Jeff

    Here’s the chance for all you guys that bitch about the writing to prove that you can do better. Go for it!