President Biden Resignation Date Revealed?

Tom Fitton previously claimed that President Joe Biden will resign from the Presidency next week. In a new video update, he has reported that Biden is likely to resign on Monday.



It has been noted that “The View” co-host Ana Navarro recently offered the Democratic Party multiple tips for navigating President Biden’s post-debate fallout.

During a recent CNN appearance, the talk show co-host and CNN senior political commentator highlighted the importance of the media getting to the bottom of why Biden was so sluggish on the debate stage so that voters can know what they’re voting for.

She also advised the party to be quick about replacing Biden if they’re going to do so, because that process won’t be simple.

“This is not like changing a boyfriend in high school. This entails an enormous amount of things that need to get done,” Navarro told a CNN panel led by anchor Alisyn Camerota on Wednesday.

Navarro, who has been a longtime Biden supporter, began by discussing how questions about Biden’s health need answering so that Americans know what they’re getting with him ahead of the presidential election.

Specifically, she mentioned that ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos needs to ask Biden about the topic when they sit down for the president’s first post-debate interview on the network on July 5.

“I think the key question that Stephanopoulos I hope asks, and that I think a lot of us want answered, is, ‘Do you have – was this a one-off or do you have a condition? Do you have a medical diagnosis that the American people should know about?’ Or ‘How do you explain what happened last Thursday?’ Give us that.”

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