President Candidate Drops Out, Endorses Trump

Perry Johnson is in Donald Trump’s good books now as Johnson decided to drop out of the president race on Friday. Perry has now decided to call it off on his campaign and go out in support of one man. The man’s name is Donald Trump.



There is now only one candidate in this race who can provide a solution to our nation’s economic, foreign policy and social crises, and most importantly, beat Joe Biden at the ballot box. That person is Donald Trump.

Perry even took to social media to praise Donald Trump. He endorsed the former president, which made Trump feel special. Trump then took to Truth Social and shared his thoughts on Johnson’s decision.

Perry Johnson is a brilliant Businessman who has enjoyed great success. Above all, he loves our Country! After a valiant effort, he is now leaving the Race for President to do other things, which I have no doubt will be very successful. It is a great honor for me to have received his Full Endorsement. I will make Perry very proud of this decision, because we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Trump called Johnson all the good words and said that he would do everything to make Perry proud of his decision. It’s important to know that Perry was once in the presidential race against Trump. Perry decided to drop out after he failed to meet the criteria to take part in the first and second Republican primary debates.

Thank you, Mr. President. It is time to fire @JoeBiden, elect Republicans up and down the ballot, and yes – Make America Great Again!

According to Mediaite, following Trump’s praise of Johnson, Perry took to social media and thanked him. He also said the same words as Donald Trump, and believed in “Making America Great again.” It’s important to know that Trump has hit on people who have been in his way towards the 2024 Presidential Election.

On the other hand, Trump is showering praises on people that support his cause or like Perry Johnson, decide to step away from the presidential race so that Trump can be the only candidate from the Republican party. It would be interesting to see if others also follow the same norm or if people will try to step up to Trump before stepping away.

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