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Presidential Campaign Committee formed for Dwayne Johnson

You can never tell what will happen in pro wrestling or politics. To be honest the two subjects have had way more to do with each other in recent memory than we every would have guessed.

To add to the mystery about what could be around the next corner, a campaign committee has filed a draft for a Dwayne Johnson 2020 Presidential run. This was filed on The Rock’s behalf, but it still looks to like something could be afoot.

We all remember the hilarious “The Rock Obama” segments on Saturday Night Live. But that might become more of a reality than anyone would have guessed at this point because The Rock might actually have aspirations of having a seat in the Oval Office.

The Hill reports the form was filed by Kenton Tilford and he used a West Virginia address. As of right now it isn’t known if Tilford has any connections to Dwayne Johnson but it’s certainly an interesting piece of information.

The Rock has spoken in the past about possibly running for President Of The United States. He recently told GQ Magazine he wanted to see better leadership in the White House. He remarked he would like to see more poise on Air Force One. He hasn’t explicitly said he was going to run for the highest office in the land, but he has dropped a couple hints about the subject.

Johnson has spoken at both Republican and Democratic National Conventions in the past. He was also a part of the WWF SmackDown Your Vote campaign to spark an interest in younger voters.

It’s not out of the question that The Rock could run for President at this point. It certainly hasn’t been ruled out. With the current political climate the way it is who knows what could happen next in the story of American politics.

  • jedi

    One step closer to the movie Isidocracy!

  • Solid

    Average is still *way* better than the trash that currently inhabits the White House.

  • jgdjgdklj

    Ugh.. I really hope not. Can’t we do better than this??!

  • Jessie L Williams II

    we could use a lil average about now.

  • Nicholas2778

    Sorry as long as this country is starting to make money. The Stock market is up and unemployment is down nobody beating President Trump in 2020. Oh don’t expect anybody to believe what the media or the polls are saying either because in 2016 election it was all proven wrong. Like I say nobody is beating Trump in 2020.

  • jack

    below average footballer player, bodybuilder but doesnt have a six pack, very average wrestler, below average actor.. he got where he is because he’s big and used catchphrases in wrestling when on the mic. he is a “successful” guy but he’s not someone I associate with excellence. if he became president I wouldn’t expect him to be anything other than average at best.