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Private photos of SmackDown Star leak online

SmackDown Ruby Riott

A while ago private photos of former Diva’s Champion Paige were leaked online which presumably was one of the most infamous scandals regarding a WWE Star in recent times.

Since then a number of WWE Superstars have became victims of similar celebrity leaks and now another female SmackDown Star has suffered from the same thing.

Several sites are reporting that privet photos of former NXT and the latest SmackDown Star Ruby Riott have leaked online and are being shared over the social media.

The photos see her posing topless in a bathroom and they appear to be several years old as they don’t feature any of the tattoos she has gotten in recent times.

Ruby joins the list of Paige, JoJo, Mickie James, Charlotte, Kaitlyn, Melina, Summer Rae, Melina, Victoria, and Maria who have recently been victims of similar incidents.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Anutosh should be fired for even writing this article. It happened months ago and pretty much passed over. Yet he choose to write an article that once again brings up a criminal act that has nothing to do with wrestling and on degrades a female athlete. He does this to only further his agenda of demeaning women and his sexist attitudes towards this. This only goes to bring down the name of this site and insult its readers. Writers on here have been fired for less. #FireAnutoshBajpai

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Look at the long list of other “victims”. I think at this point it’s on them for not being more careful and they should probably have learned a lesson by now of not doing it. And in now way shape or form did it say they were stolen or hacked. These could have been shared by their friends/lovers.

  • Will Henderson

    let’s see, theft is a crime, and these private pics that were meant to be for themselves or their lovers got stolen by hackers who hacked the cloud or their phones/tablet/computers. so yeah, it’s a crime, stolen pics is still a form of theft, but this kinda of theft would be consider “cyber theft”.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Victims?! They took the photos and shared them with someone, that doesn’t make them a victim for being shared again.

  • oppa


  • Arnold Jackson

    OMG that literally happened months ago. Is your next post going to be the results of last year’s WrestleMania. You’ll try to be clever and title the post “Confirmed Plans For WrestleMania Card”.

    The movement is real, #FireAnutoshBajpai

  • unknown183