Pro Wrestler Indicted For Strangulation And Burglary

In June, B.J. Whitmer (Benjamin Whitmer) was released by AEW after he was arrested on domestic violence charges. It has been noted that under the condition of anonymity, the alleged victim spoke with FOX 19 and stated that she had dated Whitmer and was assaulted following their breakup.



The victim stated that she entered her home and he was inside at the top of the steps waiting for her.

“I was literally fighting for my life.

And he squeezed tighter and said, ‘I’m going to f****** kill you. Do you hear me? I’m going to kill you!

Instead of coughing, I lied and said, ‘I already called the cops,’ and the second I said that he let go.”

The incident report stated that officers could detect red marks and bruising on the victim’s neck.

The woman also stated that she has added security cameras to her home and noted she doesn’t feel safe. Whitmer was arrested in Boone County on June 4 and was released eight days later on a $25,000 bond.

AEW issued the following termination notice on June 12:

“B.J. Whitmer has been terminated following his arrest on domestic violence charges. While talent and staff are ultimately responsible for their own personal actions, this behavior is intolerable within AEW. AEW has reached out to offer support to those impacted by his behavior.”

Sean Ross Sapp recently reported:

“BJ Whitmer had a hearing on September 6 and was indicted on first degree Strangulation and second degree burglary — both class C felonies. This stems from his June domestic violence arrest that led to his AEW firing.

There is an EPO in place with the victim, and AEW has continued to work with her. There is a pretrial hearing set for October 4.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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