Prosecutor Laughs At Trump ‘Killing’ Defense

Donald Trump’s attorney John Sauer was the reason for some happy moments in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday. The attorney went ahead and said that the president can ask a Seal Team Six to assassinate a political rival and not face prosecution. He made this claim during a exchange at the appeal hearing former president Donald Trump’s claim to presidential immunity.



Justice Department Attorney James Pearce couldn’t control his amusement after he heard those remarks from Mr. Sauer. He waited for John Sauer to complete his presentation and then went straight into the arguments made by the Donal Trump attorney.

James Pearce talked and laughed about Sauer’s claim that a president cannot be prosecuted for ordering the assassination of a rival unless he or she is impeached and convicted by the Senate. The arguments were headed by a three-judge panel, Judge J. Michelle Childs, Judge Florence Pan and Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson.

Mediaite reports that James Pearce answered arguments by Juge Florence Pan. He gave suitable reasons for his arguments which ensured that Donald Trump wouldn’t get his presidential immunity. It needs to be seen how the former president will respond to this situation.

Donald Trump and his problems are continuously growing. It doesn’t look like he will have anything in his favour anytime soon. He already has two cases against him which are handled by Jack Smith. These cases require him to be in the court later in the year.

Will Donald Trump have his way with the problems faced by him or will the former president be sentenced? Sound off in the comments.

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