R-Truth calls Vince McMahon the godfather of entertainment

Former 24/7 Champion R-Truth recently gave an interview to Not Sam podcast and spoke about a variety of topics including the impact of The Rock and Vince McMahon on his career. R-Truth is one of the best comedy acts in WWE and a highly entertaining Superstar.



The former US Champion acknowledged that he is a naturally entertaining guy, and there is no college class where one could learn to entertain. However, he did mentions how The Rock and Vince McMahon have been important in making him so entertaining.

“One person I studied and the other talked and got me into it – I watched The Rock and Vince McMahon. Vince is the godfather of entertainment. He would talk to me. I would do promos, I would do interviews and things and he would say, ‘That’s not R-Truth. Who the hell was that?’ You’re entertaining, you can speak and be entertaining, you can get in the ring and be entertaining, you can just be around people and be entertaining.

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