R-Truth on how Vince McMahon helped his character

Vince McMahon runs WWE the way he wants to and that includes characters for Superstars. R-Truth was a highlight of last year as he made the WWE 24/7 Title idea successful, winning it 30 times.



R-Truth spoke to Not Sam Wrestling, where he provided an explanation as to how Vince McMahon helped shape his character. McMahon wants entertainment and R-Truth knows that, but he still needed some help.

“One person I studied and the other talked and got me into it – I watched The Rock and Vince McMahon,” Truth said, “Vince would talk to me. I would do promos, I would do interviews and things and he would say, ‘That’s not R-Truth. Who the hell was that?’ You’re entertaining, you can speak and be entertaining, you can get in the ring and be entertaining, you can just be around people and be entertaining.”

“I know that naturally, I’m an entertaining guy. I don’t think college has a class where you can go and learn to be entertaining, I think it’s something natural that people have in them and it just has to be brought out,” Truth continued. “I’ve always had it with my music and just being funny, I’ve always had that entertainment, and to be in a business like wrestling and add that as another little niche, it just brings it full-circle for me.”

R-Truth said he feels grateful that Vince McMahon took time out of his schedule in order to help him with his character. His words certainly helped him in the long run.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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