Randy Orton credits Christian for his career advancements

Randy Orton has left a trail of fallen foes and championship reigns in his path. He is a shoo-in WWE Hall Of Famer and the youngest WWE Champion in history when he captured the gold at just 24-years-old. There’s a lot he owes to several people in this business and one of them is Christian.



The Viper recently appeared on E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness where he really put Christian over for helping him get over.

“If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here,” Orton said. Randy especially credited his program with Christian over the WWE Championship.

“That run in 2011 really helped me out in many aspects. Confidence in the ring, everything. Even that period, that late in my career, I still didn’t have the most confidence. I’d be down on myself sometimes. You guys were always good about talking me up. I appreciate everything you guys have done for me, especially Jay in 2011.”

Christian said he was appreciative of that complement but then said he actually learned a lot from Orton too when it comes to how to pace a match.

“You still taught me that, even though I had been in the business so long, that we could slow it down even further,” Christian replied. “Even though I was putting the majority of the matches together, I was learning from you in those ways, and what we put together here could get a better reaction.”

“He got a rub from that match because of how I sold for him,” Orton said. “I was able to give him a great set of heat on me, have him reverse out of some stuff that no one has ever anyone done to me before…he was very appreciative and thankful, and I could tell he knew that I was trying my best to give him as much as I could, given the circumstances. And I’m only like that because of guys like you and Adam that taught me that earlier in my career.”

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