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Randy Orton fuels ‘Dive’ controversy, trolls Bubba Ray Dudley

WWE Champion Randy Orton recently drew the ire of the independent pro-wrestling fans by re-tweeting a critical post regarding the indie scene by former professional wrestler and current wrestling-trainer Rip Rogers. Orton received a response from Bubba Ray Dudley that the former perceived to be directed toward him, to which The Viper responded.

Randy Orton (Randal Keith Orton) is a third-generation professional wrestler and has been associated with the WWE since the very beginning of his time in the sport. Orton is a 13-time world champion and apparently not a big fan of the current indie pro-wrestling scene. Below are excerpts from Rip Rogers’ post that was re-tweeted by Randy Orton-

“Every Indy match now: handshake, drawn out move exchange, ‘this is awesome’ chant, strike exchange, dive no sell Indy strongstyle, dive, more strikes, no sells, dive, flippy floppy sequence, dive, hit everyone with each other’s finisher then Humpty Dumpty we all fall down.

Fight forever chant, rinse and repeat until every move is useless and means nothing, dive, take unsafe shot that looks like shit and hurts like hell then roll up finish.

Hand shake and hug after match. Everyone’s hands raised. All these guys chant. Go home and type on social media thanking your opponents and company for the match and telling others they should book these guys. ……………dive.”

Orton re-tweeted the message with the caption- “…dive”. Following which Bubba Ray Dudley took what appears to be a subtle shot at the Viper, by tweeting a photo of him diving onto his ROH opponents and captioned the photo ‘Dive’-

Not to be outdone, Orton fired back-

Bubba Ray Dudley aka Bully Ray reverted back by insinuating that his ‘fall’ was still better than Orton’s recent House of Horrors match at WWE Payback-

The Viper then issued an ‘apology’ to Bubba, which seems to be a tad sarcastic, so to speak-

Rip Rogers continues to fire shots at the independent pro-wrestling scene, while Orton is busy raking in the millions in WWE. Randy Orton will defend his WWE Championship against Jinder Mahal at the upcoming SmackDown brand-exclusive Backlash PPV at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois on May 21st.

In my opinion, the independent performers deserve just as much respect as we accord to the top-of-the-food-chain global Superstars of the WWE. Rogers and Orton may find the repetitive nature of today’s indie matches a bit boring, as do many casual fans of the sport. Nevertheless, by no means does that give Rogers or Orton the right to discredit the independent professional wrestling competitors. It would be real interesting to see how this controversy shapes up in the days to come, if at all.

  • MrDr3w

    This is the most I’ve liked Orton in the past ten years. He’s absolutely right. That’s why the WWE is, was, and always will be #1 in sports entertainment. Yeah, athleticism and crazy, floppy-floppy stuff is fun at first, but when you’re seeing it in every match on the card, it gets stale and boring. It’s all about telling a story in and out of the ring.


  • D2K

    While it is not universal with all indie feds, what Orton is saying is not incorrect. There seems to be a formula that works for certain indie crowds which has the format Orton mentioned, but really is a departure from what I personally feel wrestling should be.

    You see a lot of people doing moves for the sake of doing moves. Not one single thing done in the ring means anything. No one sells anything. Someone gets hit with a devastating move, then pops right back up like nothing happened. There is zero ring psychology.

    Wrestling today reminds me a lot of pro sports today. In the NBA you have the average athlete that is league more athletic, bigger, stronger, faster than players 20-25 years ago. However, when you look at the quality of the game of basketball itself and the flow of the game it almost had a story-telling aspect to it. That doesn’t exist in today’s NBA. It’s about which team can shoot better from the field and zone defenses. That’s it.

    The NFL is trending in this direction but they aren’t there yet. Even though so many rules have been created to make offenses (and quarterbacks in particular) look immortal, you can still win with an old-school run-heavy, ball-control offense and bone-crushing defense.

    There are indie feds that I have see in person that still value the core of what pro wrestling is. In my hometown Brew City Wrestling, those guys and gals perform as tough and as hard as anything I’ve seen and it feels like wrestling from any other era in the past. Good ring psychology, good story-telling, and people working the gimmick of the match.

    One of the reasons I DON’T watch ROH is because I cannot handle watching so many matches that are in the format that Orton described just to get to one match that is solid and balanced. Again, some people like the spot-heavy stuff and that is cool. I’ll pass.