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WWE star Randy Orton has been on a hiatus recently. Billie Bhatti reported on The Nitty Gritty Dirt Show on RussosBrand.com that Orton re-signed at $4.5 million per year at the end of 2019. Tony Khan did not want to pay anybody that amount at the time. The former WWE Champion has three years on the deal. He speculated that Nick Khan could have an issue with how much Orton is paid at some point. Triple H Major WWE Firings Rumor Leaks



Samir Singh had convinced Randy Orton for a spot in WWE

Orton has been in several gruesome matches over the years during his time in WWE. Orton was part of a Punjabi Prison match against Jinder Mahal as well. However, Samir Singh took the spotlight thanks to the brutal bump he took in the match.

Samir Singh and Sunil Singh served as Jinder Mahal’s sidekicks during his run as the WWE Champion. The two young superstars made a major impact on the main roster and were part of many beatdowns. They split from Jinder Mahal but were lauded for the work they did while being paired with The Maharaja.

The Bollywood Boyz were released by WWE on June 25, 2021. Speaking to Chris Jericho on Talk is Jericho, Samir Singh recalled how he had to convince ‘The Viper’ for the spot to happen during the match. Singh revealed that Orton agreed to do the spot and made sure the spotlight was on them for those ten seconds.

”He didn’t want to do it. The story doesn’t make sense or whatever. But he wanted to put that spotlight on us in a situation where it didn’t need to be about us. He made those 10 seconds about us,” said Singh.

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