Randy Orton ‘Life Saved’ By Fired WWE Star

In an exclusive interview with Steve Fall for WrestlingNews.co, Trevor Murdoch recounted a gripping tale from his wrestling career involving a harrowing incident with Randy Orton and an aggressive fan. Murdoch delved into the circumstances surrounding an intense confrontation at a hotel bar during a grueling European tour.



Describing the event, Murdoch shared how a fan approached Orton for an autograph, leading to a tense exchange when the fan persisted in requesting more autographs despite Orton’s initial compliance. The situation escalated quickly as the fan became confrontational, prompting Orton to call for security, claiming that the fan had assaulted him. Despite the security’s intervention, the fan returned later and attempted to physically confront Orton. Murdoch, in a state of inebriation, swiftly intervened and delivered powerful punches to the unruly fan, inadvertently provoking a confrontation with a group of Irish wedding attendees who witnessed the altercation.

The situation quickly spiraled into chaos as Murdoch found himself facing a hostile group of men, prompting his tag team partner Lance to come to his rescue, charging into the group like an NFL linebacker. With the two wrestlers narrowly escaping the escalating brawl, they managed to make their way to safety as the elevator doors closed, leaving the irate group of men behind.

Murdoch’s detailed account provided a glimpse into the high-intensity environment surrounding the world of professional wrestling and the challenges wrestlers often faced while maintaining their composure and safety during demanding tours and public appearances.

“What had happened was we were on a tour in Europe. When you’re on those tours, you wrestle every single day. There is no day off. So a common practice, or at least used to be was at the end of the tour, everybody would go down to the hotel bar and we would get inebriated so by the time you got on the plane, you can pass out and take that 14-hour plane ride or however long plane ride and virtually sleep through the whole thing.”

“So we’re all down at the hotel bar. It’s me sitting across from Lance. To my left is Arn Anderson. To my right is Randy Orton. There’s a fan that came in and asked Randy for his autograph. Randy was a little a little volatile at that time as he was going through some personal things and it was very easy for him to blow up. So when a fan came up and asked him while we were in our off time for an autograph, everybody kind of took a deep breath. Randy signed it, handed it back to the guy, and never thought anything of it. The guy then proceeded to ask Randy for some more autographs. Randy’s like, ‘Listen, buddy. I signed one for you. Can you please just let me have time with my friends and enjoy myself?’ That fan turned on him and proceeded to yell at him, cussing him, ‘Who do you think you are? We pay your salary. We’re the fans. You gotta do what we ask.’ Randy stands up on his chair and looks for security. He yells at security and says, ‘Hey, this guy just grabbed my balls. You need to get him out of here.’ So security takes him out of the bar. We go back to our conversation. About 20 minutes later, the guy shows back up again and he’s nice and cordial and asks Randy to sign something. Randy said, I’ve already signed something for you. Please leave me alone. Let me spend time with my friends. It was a long tour.'”

“Now what the guy didn’t know was three days before that, Randy had gotten hurt and he was world champion at the time, but he couldn’t even bend over to tie his boots his back was hurting so bad and the last three days of the tour, they put Randy in tag matches to kind of help protect him and carry him along so he could still be on the tour and the fans can still see him, but he couldn’t even bend over to tie his own shoes he was hurt so bad. So this the second time the fan starts cussing him again. Randy stands up and yells at security and says, ‘This guy grabbed my balls. Get him out here.’ Security assured us they got him out of the building, out of the bar, and we don’t have to worry about it.”

“So about three o’clock in the morning, the bar was closing up and we had about two and a half hours before we had to get on a bus and head to the airport. So we were walking through the lobby and what we didn’t know was the guy that got kicked out snuck back in and was hiding behind the desk. So when we came out, I was behind Randy and this guy came out of nowhere charging Randy like he was gonna tackle him. Maybe five seconds before Randy caught him coming out of the side, he yelled, ‘Trevor.’ Now I’m inebriated. I am fully immersed in the alcohol and I see this guy. I turn around and just right hook him. Well, this other gentleman started stepping towards me taking his jacket off, and I smoked him right in the face. What I didn’t realize though was that these two gentlemen were part of an Irish wedding reception that was going on at the hotel and they were all in the lobby. So now this whole Irish family has seen me knock out two of their family members and I find myself in a half circle of about 20 Irishmen taking their jackets off ready to beat the sh*t out of me. While this is going on, my tag team partner realizes what’s happening and turns into an NFL linebacker and starts running and just lowers his head and shoulders and comes in from behind and knocks a hole right into this room full of guy’s. He reaches through and grabs me through the hole. We’re running towards the elevator as these guys are chasing us and like a movie, the elevator doors closed right at the last minute. So Lance and I got out of that one.”

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