Randy Orton Looks Older In Airport Photo

Randy Orton was recently spotted with grey facial hair at an airport with a fan in a new photo during his WWE hiatus.



Randy Orton is with WWE for life after rebuffing flirtations from AEW a couple of years ago. MJF though may join Orton in WWE in 2024.

Sheamus and MJF had a back-and-forth battle of words online over the important topic of heels wearing scarves.

The whole thing began when Sheamus posted to Twitter to tell Happy Corbin that “real heels wear scarfs,” leading to a response from the famously scarf-wearing MJF.

MJF called the WWE star’s post “Sad,” which led to Sheamus sharing the Conor McGregor GIF meme where the UFC fighter proclaimed “Who the f**k is that guy?” MJF responded:

“The guy you alluded to.
Stop now or I’m gonna devour you. You can rock 6 inch lifts and play top guy, but you’ve been handed the ball multiple times and fell.

I’m glad you’re having a resurgence and finally figured out how to get over. It only took you a decade.

Took me 1 day.”

Sheamus then shared a shot of Chris Jericho in a scarf, which led to another MJF reply:

“Yes you were def referring to a guy who wore a scarf back in 2016. Ya Got me.

Can’t wait for my boy @BaronCorbinWWE to end you.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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