Randy Orton & Riddle Backstage Rumor Revealed

Randy Orton and Matt Riddle known as RK-Bro had a great run in WWE. They also held the RAW Tag Team Titles, but The Viper’s back injury caused that team to disband. With Orton’s return in the plans, a lot of fans were wondering if WWE had plans to reunite RKBro before Matt Riddle’s release.



Randy Orton has started training for his return to the ring. This led to a lot of speculation about his comeback. Randy Orton was spotted arriving at the WWE Performance Center, and he’s not tried to keep himself hidden, either.

Ringside News reported that they reached out to, “inquire about possible plans for Matt Riddle after his release. Of course, many fans were wondering if his firing nixed an RKBro reunion. That being said, there was never a plan to begin with. We were told by a tenured member of the creative team that there was never any talk of getting that team back together.”

WWE released twenty wrestlers, including talent on the main roster and the developmental brand. It seemed the cuts were done on September 21 but WWE continued to release talent the following day.

Matt Riddle is one of the wrestlers to be released by the company. He has also been off TV for two weeks. The former WWE United States Champion shared the news on his Twitter account.

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