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Randy Orton takes shot at Punjabi Prison

Randy Orton

It’s no secret that the majority didn’t find the Punjabi Prison match as exciting as WWE Promoted it to be and now it appears, Randy Orton who was a part of it isn’t happy the gimmick match either.

WWE Creative Humour, a mimicry page recently made a post mentioning the mega fight between Mayweather and McGregor and joked about it not being in the Punjabi Prison:

Interestingly Orton took notice of this tweet and taking a shot at the structure of the cell, he said that then nobody would be able to see it because the view would be obstructed by bamboos:

It’s worth mentioning here that Randy Orton has been part of some of the most criticized matches in the past year including the likes of House Of Horrors and the Punjabi Prison match.

While not confirmed it has been rumored that Orton himself is not happy with these bouts and the way his character has been handled in the recent months.

  • JC Bolden

    He’s just not a face that’s how Flair and HHH were. Just natural heels

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Time for Orrin to take another break and come back as a heel. He’s such a boring face.