Randy Orton talks about being embarrassed by his ring gear, praises Roman Reigns and KO

Randy Orton says what he wants and pretty much gets away with it. That has been the case for some time now, and The Viper was on good form during a recent Intercontinental Champions roundtable interview featuring himself, Christian and The Miz.



Part of the discussion centered around Orton wanting to change his wrestling gear in order to get more royalties from action figures, but then revealing he had regrets over ultimately picking something which showed off his physique.

The topic also led to praise for both Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns:

“I like to drink beers, so I’m starting to get the (beer gut), you know what I mean? You know who the smartest *********** in this business is ? Roman Reigns….all he has to do is train shoulders and arms. He’s one of the smartest. Then Kevin Owens, I don’t know what is going on there, but for some reason he’s smart.”

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