Randy Orton Talks About The RKO Vines And His Favorite RKO

Randy Orton recently spoke with CraveOnline about the RKO vines and his favorite RKO. Here are the highlights.



On the RKO vines:

[Laughs] Yeah, every once in awhile I’ll see a real good one and I’ll tweet it or something. They’re great. I guess it’s been about a year since the first one came out. There’s been so many. I think lately the coolest ones I’ve seen are the Batman vs Superman trailer and making it about the RKO. Then there’s this one called The Ortoning [laughs] and it’s a knock off The Conjuring, which I thought that was kind of funny and re-tweeted that a couple of days ago. What can I say? They’re goofy, they’re funny and for some reason it just doesn’t get old so people keep doing it. It’s not a flash in the pan either. It’s been over a year now. I think that’s pretty cool.

On his favorite RKO:

Gosh, the one with Evan Bourne is up there. The one with Seth [Rollins] at WrestleMania is up there. There have been a few real cool ones out of nowhere but the one with Evan Bourne is my favorite.

You can read the entire interview here.

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