Randy Orton’s New Comments on Mr. Kennedy

– Randy Orton occasionally posts messages at Orton-Forum.com, a discussion forum for all things Orton. The administrators have confirmed several times that it is indeed the WWE Superstar. Furthermore, he has made announcements there in the past, such as the birth of his first daughter and his apparent motorcycle accident last summer.



It was brought to Orton’s attention that during a recent interview, Ken Anderson, formerly known as Mr. Kennedy in WWE, blamed both him and John Cena for getting him fired from the company. He also implied they were using political clout to bury other wrestlers. In response to his allegations, Orton made the following post:

“He is in denial. He thinks you have to be able to do a moonsault to know how to work. And, as for dropping me on my head, he did. He never got to see all 4 camera angles of him doing it. I did. Plus, the left side of my neck down to my trap was sore all week in MX. I did tell Ken that he shouldn’t be dropping me on my head with such a simple basic move. He never said sorry, and even called me a liar after the match! I remember looking at him in disbelief. And yes, I did tell managment I did not want to work with him after that. Who wouldn’t? That’s my side.”

He later followed up his initial post with another post regarding Kennedy. Here is what he wrote:

“There is another thing…..never did I get my neck ‘taped’
As he claims it was in that interview. Also, the whole ‘bear hug’ story does
Have some truth to it. Early in the day that morning in LA, he came up behind
me and grabbed around my chest and picked me up off of the floor. I don’t know
anyone who enjoys being tackled from behind and picked up off the floor. When he let go and I
I relized that it was ken, I was like oh,ok, your back, cool. My reaction
Of his big return was watered down and I found it very funny reading
In his interview that he felt like I had an agenda,or almost like I wanted him gone.
Not until I was given a belly to back suplex onto back of my neck did I have any neg
Feelings with Mr anderson. I honestly hope for his wifes sake that he can find sometrh
Else he’s marginally good at,and earn a living. I know he really wants to entertain, so
Good luck ken, you r gonna need it.


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