More on Randy Orton’s Suspension, Bryan Tells a Story About Ryback’s Black Eye

– Daniel Bryan recently spoke with and was asked if he has a “road wife” in WWE or a travel partner. Bryan revealed that he travels with Cody Rhodes and Ryback, who you may remember appeared on WWE TV two weeks ago with a nasty black eye. It’s not clear if this is one of the made up stories that Bryan is talking about but below, he tells a story about Ryback’s black eye:



“Right now, my road wife is the Ryback [Laughs] and Cody Rhodes. We don’t have any particular good road stories because I feel like we’re kind of boring. We just kind of drive to the next town. But what me and Cody really like to do is make up stories about the Ryback and then spread them amongst the locker room. For example, yesterday, we were working out in a gym. He was doing kettle bell snatches with only 35 pounds. You look at him, and you’d think, ‘Oh! This guy is way stronger,’ but he was lifting this kettle bell and he couldn’t control it, and it hit him in the eye and now he’s got a black eye. That story spread throughout the locker room all day yesterday.”

– notes that the story from SuperLuchas of Randy Orton testing positive for Dianobol, an anabolic steroid, is unconfirmed. Most wrestlers who want to pass a drug test would avoid Dianobol since it stays in your system for as long as six weeks.

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