Randy Savage On RAW Rumor, Fresh Main-Events For 2010 In WWE?

— Jim Ross has updated his blog, with highlights below:



* “For some reason we have received many emails regarding a rumor that Randy Savage will be appearing on Raw Monday night in Dayton. I have no idea the origins of this particular rumor but I do know that this weekend the rumor mill seems to be working over time with a ton or rampant speculation. I have no idea who will or will not be appearing on Monday Night Raw but I am looking forward to it being a great show.”

* “Will 2010 be the year that fans see new, fresh main events? ‘New’ is good and is always worth a try because no matter how many people think that they are experts within the wrestling business the fans will always make the final decisions as to what they like and sometimes things work that some ‘experts’ never envisioned.”

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