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Rapper behind Jinder Mahal’s theme song discusses its importance

Jinder Mahal

Pratyay from Sportskeeda recently sat down with Ali Kaz, the voice behind Jinder Mahal’s exciting entrance music. During the interview, Kaz discussed first receiving an offer from WWE and thinking it was a joke. He also described the creative process behind collaborating with legendary WWE musician Jim Johnston for the track.

Although the song has 2.9 million views worldwide which is the most attention Kaz has earned so far in his career, the Canadian-Pakistani rapper revealed it’s more about being able to craft something which glorifies the Punjabi culture over anything else.

“Honestly speaking, 2.9 million views is one thing, but what really made me excited was when Jinder Mahal won the championship followed by the full-out Punjabi celebration in the WWE arena, which made me extremely happy. Because as a Punjabi myself, I felt proud of having the Punjabi culture being glorified in a WWE arena. I wish I was there to watch it live.”

Kaz went on to explain the general theme of the song. Jinder’s overall appeal might be heel-like. But when all is said and done the general idea behind his character is how different people can work together in order to create something very special.


“I have lots of friends that are from India and Pakistan, we play cricket together as one team, we hang out together as one group of people and we never think of each other as Indian or Pakistani. Borders and labels are just to create a divide between people so it’s easier for the politicians to rule them. To me, humanity is what’s more important and I believe in people rather than where they are originally from. It honestly doesn’t matter where they are from because a good person is a good person, (it) doesn’t matter which country he or she was born in.”