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Rating For This Week’s Impact Down Over 10 Percent, Ex-Knockout Promotes Live Impact

– The rating for Thursday’s “Hardcore Justice” episode of Impact Wrestling was down 13% from the prior week before as the show drew a 0.85. Last week’s show drew a 0.98 rating for the first week of “Hardcore Justice.”

Thursday’s rating marks as the program’s lowest score since an episode that aired on the Fourth of July. For an episode that didn’t air on a holiday, it was the lowest rating since May 30 when Impact change timeslots.

Viewership was down 5% as Impact Wrestling averaged 1,246,000 viewers compared to 1,320,000 the week before.

– Madison Rayne, who was released from her TNA Wrestling contract last month—she initially announced on Twitter that her contract had expired, but subsequently stated in a blog explaining her departure that she was released—posted a message on Twitter on Friday promoting next Thursday’s live Impact Wrestling emanating from her home state of Ohio.

“Hey CLEVELAND!… @IMPACTWRESTLING LIVE is coming your way next Thursday, 8/29!” she wrote. “Show them how crazy my fellow Buckeyes can get!!! O-H..”

Rayne has said that she is due to give birth within the next few weeks and plans to continue wrestling in the future.

(source: Pro Wrestling Torch)

  • JohnCena33


    I simply said they will be out of business shortly, I am not hoping for them to go out of business.

  • You know…..some of you kids make being a silly internet fanboy an artform.

  • they don’t have those at WM anymore. And why would you root for another wrestling company to go out of business? You don’t own WWE, and competition, however it actually stacks up, is good for business, and gives guys another legit place to go work. ROH is still absolutely “small time”, and while TNA has it’s problems, and certainly should be a lot better, there’s literally no logic in rooting for it to fail.

  • JohnCena33

    Totally No Action will be out of business shortly. Can’t wait to see Angle and Hardy in the Money In the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania 30

  • ssadasd


    TNA sucks and gets less ratings than Total Divas, less ratings than NXT, less ratings than Tellitubbies. Good work TNA!! Keep it up, maybe Vince will offer to buy your worthless company, fire the execs, let some of the higher rated fellas from “The Indies” perform “squash jobs” for Ryback, Big Show, Kane, Bray Wyatt, Rowan and Harper.

    AJ Styles, Kirk Angel and Sting could job out to CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and The Undertaker respectively. (Sting vs Taker at mania would be the only financial prospect of WWE buying TNA, actually.) ODB could be brought in, make her Diva’s Champion. I bet she would be over like crazy because of the female rebellion against the madonna/stripper/model archetype. Samoa Joe could be “Repackaged” as “Average Joe” with the same gimmick except a pun on being plain and, well, average. He could have a few fun feuds and maybe he could get over with a heel bully gimmick. Team 3D could be reunited and they would get over pretty big.

    Lastly, Vince could appear on RAW to demand TNA title holders to come out with the “straps” and he could respectively throw the belts into a flaming trash bin or dumpster. That would set up Vince (and thus “WWE Faction”) as heels and it would test the ability of “TNA Faction” to get over. “Impact Wrestling” could be relaunched as a smaller indie farm promotion.