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RAW Breakdown: The Rock’s Birthday, WWE Title Rematch Bombs, More

– As noted before, the May 2nd RAW with The Rock’s birthday bash did a 3.43 cable rating with 5.19 million viewers.

In a segment-by-segment breakdown, The Rock’s opener gained 903,000 viewers in the second-quarter, bringing that quarter to a 4.10. This was the highest rated second-quarter in years and some of the biggest growth for that quarter in recent memory. R-Truth’s attack on John Morrison and Maryse vs. Kelly Kelly with Kharma’s attack lost 1,111,000 viewers – one of the biggest drops in recent memory.

Backstage segments with The Miz & Alex Riley plus The Rock’s birthday backstage and videos from actors Paul Walker & Samuel L. Jackson gained 75,000 viewers but the WWE Title Match between The Miz and John Cena bombed, gaining only 32,000 viewers and finishing with a 3.43 quarter-hour rating.

Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger & Drew McIntyre lost 421,000 viewers while The Rock’s backstage segment and Kane vs. Mason Ryan gained 44,000 viewers back. The Rock’s in-ring promo with Vince McMahon’s appearance actually lost 62,000 viewers, bringing this week’s overrun rating to a 3.14. Mya singing happy birthday to The Rock gained 127,000 viewers back to a 3.23 rating.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • B

    Urgh. It’s not a great sign that the actual matches lost more viewers than the rest of it – especially as there were no matches for the first hour.

  • dan

    my dick > wwe


  • shawn

    oh! a backstage segment happening at this time during the show! ill tune in! has anyone here say that? so will the wwe see backstage segments as the main facet of the show? or do people actually just sit and wait for a match when their freakin clockwork minds get them to tune in the show with anticipation?

  • SaveUs150FPS

    Well it’s pretty obvious that The Rock gains viewers while everyone else is dropping views. Good Job WWE with your stale and boring product.

  • WWExtreme

    Zack Ryder > The Rock > Cena

    I’m not a Zack Ryder mark, but this is the truth. The gu’s got a real gimmick and character, great wrestler and is funny as hell. Whole package to say the least. WWWYKI

  • Saintsman

    ……… C’mon man!

  • rick

    Everyone on the face of the planet > Cena

    Barry Horowitz > Rock

  • al

    Rock > Cena

    Zack Ryder = Ratings