RAW Breakdown: Sheamus & Bryan Gain, Snooki’s Segments, JR’s Return, More

– As noted before, the March 14th episode of WWE RAW did a 3.66 rating with 5.68 million viewers. This week’s show was seen by 69% male viewers and in the Males 18-49 demographic, it was up from last week’s show with Steve Austin, with a 3.49 rating.



In the segment breakdown, The Rock’s segment with the fake John Cena opened the show with a 3.80 rating. The interview with The Miz and his match with The Great Khali lost 386,000 viewers, another decline for The Miz since being pushed as WWE Champion.

The Triple H video and backstage segment with Snooki, John Morrison, Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler lost 297,000 more viewers. Sheamus winning the United States Title from Daniel Bryan gained 226,000 viewers. On the previous show with Steve Austin, Sheamus and Daniel Bryan lost big time following Austin’s return segment. The gain for this week’s title match shows that probably any mid-card talent would have lost big following Austin’s return.

The segment with Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Brian Christopher, Jim Ross and Jack Swagger gained 928,000 viewers and was RAW’s peak rating this week with a 4.11 rating. Randy Orton vs. Mason Ryan lost 621,000 viewers which isn’t good. The Drew Carey Hall of Fame announcement, promo from Michael Cole and segment with Snooki lost 301,000 viewers. The Trish Stratus vs. Vickie Guerrero match and post-match with Snooki, Layla, Michelle McCool, John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler gained 406,000 viewers to a 3.77 rating which is an above average increase for that period in the show.

The 15 minute overrun with the main event of Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena and the attack from The Miz lost 270,000 viewers, falling to a 3.59 rating. Considering that Cena is a solid ratings draw, this can be seen as a negative sign for The Miz and/or Del Rio. The last 5 minutes of that 15 minute overrun did come back and gain 290,000 viewers. This could be attributed to people tuning into the USA Network for their next show because RAW usually isn’t on at 11:15pm.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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