RAW Dark Main Event, More Details on the Birthday Celebration for Triple H

– Here are more notes from the end of last night’s RAW and Triple H’s birthday celebration from F4Wonline and Ron:



Unannounced dark main event: HHH/Cena beat Randy Orton/Big Show in two minutes. Orton tagged in Show and walked out with his belt. After suplexing Show, Cena gave Show the FU, then HHH gave Show the pedigree for the pin. afterwards was a 15 minute bithday celebration for HHH which involved the entire locker room including Vince and Batista.

After the unannounced main event, HHH grabbed the house mic noticing a flurry of activity around ringside, and said he knew that there was a setup underway for his birthday. He jumped into the crowd and started running away into the crowd and into the back area. The entire locker room emptied out throughout the arena floor, attempting to catch HHH and force him back into the ring area. Eventually Vince McMahon came out and threatened to sing Happy Birthday until HHH came out. HHH’s music played, and he peered out from around the back area, covered in cake already. He walked towards ringside, and thanked the crowd while wrestlers surrounded him, all holding mini cakes to smash in his face. HHH joked that his only concern was that Mark Henry would eat him once he was covered in cake. As predicted, the entire roster started throwing cake at HHH, and HHH grabbed a hold of Vince and rolled around on the mat with him, getting him smothered with cake as well. Batista’s music played, and Batista came down as the last person from backstage, cake in hand. Big Show held HHH back while Batista went to throw the cake in his face, but HHH ducked and Batista’s cake smashed into Big Show’s face. The entire roster was running around ringside throwing cake at each other (and all over the fans), having a great time. The entire ceremony lasted about 15 minutes.

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