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Raw draws lowest audience in show’s history


Last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw was highly criticized by fans all around the world and it was regarded as one of the worst episodes in the show’s history.

Due to all the criticism and negative comments, it was expected that we’ll see a drop in the ratings of the show; however nobody would have expected it to make a completely new record of low rating.

This week’s episode of Raw drew 2.285 million viewers, down 3.5% from last week’s 2.369 million viewers. This was not only another historic low but the Raw episode was actually the lowest watched episode in the show’s entire history.

The first hour of this week’s episode drew 2.262 million viewers. The second and third hour then suffered from the usual drop and they brought 2.399 million and 2.196 million viewers respectively.

Now it’d be interesting to see if next week’s episode of Raw which is the TLC go home show is able to bounce back from these ratings or not.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    I been watching all my life, since I was 3. And I think this is the worse it has ever bee. Worse than when Cena overstood his welcome. At least he was around with the belt doing stuff on TV. Sure he buried mostly everyone but at least there was content. Now, every match is stupid. You can’t even get into it without them cutting to a commercial break and losing literally all momentum.

  • Rinn13

    That’s because outside of Wrestlemania, and MAYBE Royal Rumble and SummerSlam in some cable/satellite markets, WWE “PPVs” don’t exist anymore. People keep calling them “PPVs”, but they’re basically just special editions of Raw, “Exclusive on the Network, now for only $9.99!”. And frankly, you’re right, the match quality on the “PPVs”, and even ACTUAL PPVs, like the last several Wrestlemanias, is often sub-par. That is a huge reason why I, after many many years of watching WWE practically every week, and paying for actual PPV events, I gradually fell out of the product within the last decade. My roommate still has the Network, so I see RR or WM matches sometimes….but frankly, as a former long-time WWF/E fan, I haven’t been impressed by all that much they’ve done in a long time.

  • Rinn13

    WWE sure is doing great, eh folks? This “WWE Network” era, where actual PAY PER VIEW events are almost a thing of the past, where WWE is bleeding money creating content for the Network, and stocking up on talent in multimple versions of NXT, most of whom they’re never going to call up to the main roster.

    Such a great era, and a great move on WWE’s part, eh?

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    We get PPV length matches but not the same quality especially with all the commercial breaks. And then the PPV matches themselves for the most part have not always delivered.

  • CC

    Not convinced we are getting that many PPV quality matches on TV. Maybe Bryan vs AJ a couple of times, but beyond that, not sure exactly what matches are PPV quality.

    That said, with how poor PPVs are, maybe every match is PPV quality.

  • Whistling Joe

    One of the reasons it doesn’t feel special is WWE is giving away PPV quality matches every week on Raw. Because they have three hours, instead of investing more time in angles or putting on more matches, they are just making the matches longer. I don’t need nor want to see every match go better than fifteen minutes on Raw. Save that for the PPV. Coming off last week’s toilet Raw, it’s not surprising the rating was even lower. Anyone who might have watched this week, turned off last week’s show and didn’t come back.

  • CC

    This weeks show was better, but still not exactly great.
    It is amazing that with a PPV coming up, there really feels like nothing special is happening.
    We have Ambrose/Rollins, Rousey/Jax and some other matches that I really cannot even remember, that shows how poor the build has been. SD is a little bit better, but not by much to be honest.

    With the exception of Ambrose/Rollins, Lynch/Asuka/Flair and Styles/Bryan, is there anything else on the PPV that people actually care about seeing?