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Raw sees increased viewership for Money In The Bank follow up

Brock Lesnar MITB

Whether or not it can be attributed to the return of Brock Lesnar is something that is up for debate, but it’s clear that fans were interested in this week’s episode of Raw.

This week’s Raw featuring the Beast after his Money In The Bank win and Mick Foley introducing a new Championship drew a total of 2.521 million viewers.

This a big 7.3% increase from last week’s episode of the show which had Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman match for the main event and had drawn 2.349 million viewers.

Though the trend of the big drop in the third hour continued and while the first and second hours drew 2.681 million viewers and 2.583 million viewers respectively, the third hour only brought 2.299 million viewers.

With WWE changing the look of the third hour of the show it would be interesting to see what other changes they make to make the product edgier in the final hour of the event as announced and how this affects the numbers of the show.

  • Dimebag8857

    I don’t believe the loss of viewership has anything to do with them being PG, I think it’s from a combination of scripted interviews, giving mic time to people with no charisma who are just big and most of the time talentless, pushing people based on merch sales/size , terrible storytelling in and out of the ring, Roman Reigns, the void of technical wrestling and ring psychology, Vince not realizing that he is slipping in his old age and needs to retire, giving Lesnar whatever he wants and still giving him victories that he doesnt need to make him look like a monster, Roman Reigns, Roman Reigns and yes, still John Cena eventhough he has improved immensely, it just took a decade of suffering through my time is now and the champ is here.

  • Luke

    WWE is making too much money to care about ratings at the moment. Those sponsors you don’t care about are EXACTLY why WWE will never go back to TV-14. They’d lose too much real money.

    Plus you don’t need to go to TV-14 to put on a good wrestling show. Look at NXT.

  • Mike the Ike

    Put a 14 in rating and your ratings will go up. All the fans the WCW created in the 90s that moved to WWE when WCW started getting handcuffed by corporate left at the end of the Attitude Era. Then WWE created a much smaller audience with the families who had kids who loved Cena. Those kids are now grown and gone and so are their parents. It’s time to go TV-14. I don’t care how big WWE is, I don’t care about the sponsors. I care about the product and the product is worse than garbage. I’ve seen WCW Saturday Nights from 1999 more enjoyable than the Raws and Smackdowns lately.