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Raw spot was reportedly not scripted

It’s a well-known fact that WWE nowadays likes to script every moment of their programming and everything from the promos to each move done by the wrestlers on TV is pre-planned.

However, if some latest reports from PWinsider are to be believed then one of the spots during this week’s episode of Money Night Raw was unscripted.

This week’s Raw saw Finn Balor teaming up with Braun Strowman to face the team of former NXT Champion Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler.

During their match, there was a spot outside of the ring where Braun slammed Drew through the Greatest Royal Rumble trophy and it broke down in pieces. According to the site, this moment was not pre-planned.

No word yet on if there is heat on these superstars for breaking the trophy but it is more likely to be seen as an accident by officials and chances are that they have already forgotten about it.

  • CC

    So here is the “news” story in a nutshell:
    There is no proof to this story, and if there is any truth to it, nothing is gonna happen anyway.

  • Thomas Murray

    what a non story n no proof provided as normal to back up any of the alleged facts put out by them