Ray J Drops Diddy Bombshell At Airport

Ray J is seemingly not surprised by the collective silence of Diddy’s closest friends and he believes that entertainment’s elite are taking time to understand the mounting allegations, and there’s a lot to process via TMZ.



It has been noted that TMZ Hip Hop spotted Ray at LAX, and questioned why he feels there are so few people speaking out publicly in Diddy’s defense.

It’s worth noting that Stevie J recently posted a vid reminding everyone exactly who’s been at some of Diddy’s legendary parties over the years and, yet, almost no one’s had his back amid the federal raids, and all the civil lawsuit claims.

It has been noted that Ray himself opted to plead the 5th as far as what he knows about Diddy’s parties — however, he suggests most of Diddy’s A-list pals are taking time to learn more about the cases, and he suspects we’ll eventually start hearing more from them.

As reported, Stevie went in hard on 50 Cent for being a social media jeer-leader, trolling Diddy, mercilessly over the allegations. He went so far as to call the G-Unit honcho an “Uncle Tom!”

Ray further made it clear he would not be diving into those waters, not at this point, at least but he was happy to talk about another showbiz topic — his newly launched Tronix network. Ray also said that he’s got everything from upscale cooking shows to trashy TV but is proud of his platform’s balance.


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