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Reactions to the boneyard match between Undertaker and AJ Styles


  • Evenflow_1981

    Do they specify whether htey mean just during this lockdown or as a mainstay of their programming though? If the latter then I’m worried.

  • Unique

    Yeah…..well it’s not gonna be over tomorrow.

  • Evenflow_1981

    From another article on this page

    “it is expected that WWE will have cinematic matches like this moving forward”

  • Evenflow_1981

    Was terrible. I don’t mind as a one off thing but why such high praise it was just pre-recorded action scenes that look like they were filmed by a film student. I know WWE is cheesy but this was too much even for them. The whole point of wrestling is the skill in the ring. May as well jsut hire actors if this is how it’s going to continue. Ironically, AJ is one of the few guys who could actually still get a decent match out of Undertaker in an actual wrestling match.

  • Anonymous

    STFU. MT McGee is right, this was DDP levels of burial. The match was well produced, but Taker crapped all over AJ and the OC.

  • CC

    Oh yeah, wrestling, that highly logical form of entertainment.
    Go watch the Kardashians or something more on your mental level.

  • CC

    Typical Adam Wilbourn .. cannot even give a straight compliment.

  • MT McGee

    That match was sh*t. The old man took faaaar too much of it and it reminded me of the supermarket fight between Austin and Booker T. Taker should not have been able to beat down the OC and the hooded druids or whatever they were supposed to be. He’s older than dirt and outnumbered; that’s not how logic works.

  • Shawn OB

    Yuck for me.

  • ROB-1.

    That was a great match.

  • Rajah

    When the fire was first shown I was hoping for Kane to make the save. Great match, could have been taken directly from a Friday The 13th movie.