Read the Full Interview with Rey Mysterio Discussing His WWE Suspension

– Here is the Babelfish translated version of Rey Mysterio’s Spanish-language interview over the weekend talking about his recent drug suspension from WWE:



It is an injustice: King Mysterio
29-Ago-2009 to the 09:00: 00 A.M.


In the eye of the Hurricane. Thus a day feels King Mysterio after it put it to the WWE under the magnifying glass to violate the regulation of prohibited substances, situation that worries to him about two things: the handling that occurred to the information and, secondly, the effect that will have this on its image.

Nevertheless, the star of Tijuana gave the face and spoke long and tended on this embarrassing case in which he has been himself inmiscuido due to that, he indicates, like a lack of tolerance on the part of the doctors of the company in which he toils, since his doctor, David Ciao, that works with the Shippers of San Diego, prescribed that medicine to him.

-How you have taken this suspension?

Mal simo, is done to me that the situation was handled very badly. I must say that it is well that this program of prohibited substances is indeed to clean the image of the fighter, but does that it of a different form, because they do since it, to me becomes very unjust .

-It is listened to you annoying, what happened?

Doctor Black (the one in charge of the tests in WWE), that they call to him, did not want to hope to that my doctor spoke to him so that confirmed to him that the medicine that I was using I was prescribed, and decided to suspend to me.

I was three weeks of vacations, I returned to work, I walked in Spain and Germany promoting the Summerslam and was until Wednesday that I returned that the doctor says to me who if for Thursday my doctor does not clarify the one of the medicine, was going to suspend to me by 30 days .

And your doctor did not call?

I said to him what happened and it said to me that would clarify it, but I do not know if it did not do it in time and it forms correct because they decided to suspend 30 days to me, that to me become unjust because it is a medicine clarify by a doctor. If I did not have a medical prescription because she would understand this suspension because I made something illegal, but is a reason here, a logic of because I used the substance by which I gave positive.

-What is the name of the medicine by which it is positive?

I do not have it at the hand, is in the bottle, but it was prescribed for my knee and my arm. It is medicine via oral .

-So serious what was doping?

They say When you that you left positive in something, they check all the levels and mine he was almost null, that is to say, if there is a scale from the one to the 100, I left with two percent, then was something so minimum that the form becomes unjust in that has been handled .

The one that does not give the specific cause of the suspension makes unjust?

Without a doubt, because they do not give the opportunity to clarify me what happened or to give my version. To me it becomes unjust not of the company, but how they handle the system of antidoping .

-What will happen with the Intercontinental Championship that you were going to defend in Breaking Point?

The truth I do not know, not what will happen, I am taking everything to the day. The unique thing that worries to me is the negative side, but the good thing is that I can clarify thus what happened and avoid rumors. My position worries to me to my work, and what is going to happen, but most important it is the image and what public goes to think, because was handled because I made something illegal, and was not thus .

You come to Mexico to the tour in October?

Yes, I am programmed for October, do not have problem, am put for those dates .

-You will have pay enjoyment?

As this is new for my, I do not know what is happening nor what will happen, I until Tuesday does not arrive at television will know how she is that east system works. Of 15 antidoping that has done me year in the last, had passed all except this one. Perhaps if it had reprobated four followed he would be understandable did that me to a side or they exposed to me of this form, ( ) and I believe that I do not deserve east type of treatment .

-You feel it like a low blow?

I do not know. What I am going to do is that when my doctor has clarified everything, if he is not that it did already it, that I had a medical prescription, I am going to cause that the company puts there that although they suspended to me because the doctors of the company did not want to wait for the call of my doctor, at the end of accounts my doctor spoke and clarified that it had the medical prescription. And that in spite of all that, the suspension is indeed. Also I will speak in my page Web .

– At last, it is not the first time binds that you to the use of prohibited substances, you feel in the sight?

In the past they said that King Mysterio used anab licos to grow his body, but everything has been only speculations, nothing verified, and this is something that affects to me, mainly mentally, because it concerns much my public to me and I do not know how they are going to react .

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