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Possible reason behind Big Cass’ release

Big Cass

We noted before how WWE released Big Cass in a harsh way with the company not even wishing him best for his future and a report said that Cass pissed someone off bad.

Now in an update, Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that the former NXT Star was not fired for one particular reason and it seems like a mix of things that led to his release.

According to Sports Illustrated, he had a drinking problem and was seen intoxicated in public during recent UK Tour which doesn’t go well with WWE Officials in general. He was also noted to have ‘attitude problems’.

There was also an incident which took place in a WWE Bus chauffeuring talents where the former WWE Star got locked in the bathroom.

The lock for it was apparently broken but he didn’t realize it and an angry Cass went on to break the door thinking that he was being pranked.

Other wrestlers had to get embarrassed due to this and use the bathroom without a door on it. This and several other incidents apparently rubbed the people in wrong way.

This was said to be the final straw and this incident along with several other unconfirmed events are apparently the reasons which led to Big Cass’ release.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    You do know that Linda McMahon is on Trump staff right. Being a Trump supporter has nothing to do with it.

  • Mike

    Liking Trump doesn’t make him a doucher, he has the right to his views, same as you.

  • CC

    We all know WWE and Vince have a love affair with “big” men, so it was no surprise that they wanted to push Cass, but as we have seen in the past, a successful tag team does not always equate to successful singles competitors. Take the New Age outlaws. Billy and Road Dogg together were amazing, but apart, while they still had degrees of success, it was nowhere near the levels they had as a tag team.
    Road Dogg, like Enzo was the mouthpiece and Billy was the muscle, much the same as Cass.
    The big difference here though was experience and talent. Billy and Road Dogg could both wrestle, and Billy could actually do some semi-decent promo’s, and did at least have a degree of charisma.

    With Enzo and Cass, neither were great wrestlers, and Cass was a charisma vacuum.

    Enzo at least had a chance because of his mic skills, but his attitude got in the way, and it now seems that that attitude was not exclusive to Enzo.

    Now when you are as popular as say Shawn Michaels was back when he was a douche, he could get away with it. But when you are still relatively new to the company, and are in the process of being pushed, you have to remain humble and respectful.

    So basically a lack or talent and an abundance of attitude did for them both. And you cant teach that.

  • visual

    He’s a Trump supporter, what a surprise he’s a doucher.

  • Soulshroude

    So Cass is apparently just like Enzo… good riddance to them both.

  • oppa

    He deserves it, clap clap clap clap clap. Had no clue Carmella would outlast Enzo and Cass and that Cass would be the only one who didn’t win a title of the three of them. Sometimes you never know.