Reason behind Nia Jax’s absence from Raw

Over the past year or so Nia Jax has been getting herself in controversies continuously and things have reached to a point where anything she does becomes a topic of discussion.



The recent absence of the former Raw Women’s Champion is nothing different and people have been wondering why the former Champion has not appeared on WWE programming in a while.

Now Pwinsider has revealed that the reason she has not appeared on Raw in a while is because the former NXT Star has been dealing with a leg injury.

No word yet on when exactly did she suffer the injury but according to the site she has been doing physical therapy in order to recover from her injury and return to the ring.

How serious her injury is or when can we expect to see her return to the company is not known yet but considering the fact that WWE has not released any official statement on her situation, it doesn’t look like she will stay out for very long.

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