Reason behind Rusev’s absence on RAW revealed

The Bulgarian Brute Rusev has been involved in a long feud with Bobby Lashley and “ex-wife” Lana for months now. Now and then a new development takes place in this story and each time, the audience loses their minds.



However, this past week on RAW, Rusev was nowhere to be seen. The former United States Champion’s absence was questioned by several fans since many expected him to interfere in the main event of the show which included his rival Boby Lashley.

Dave Meltzer notes on Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Rusev’s reason for absence was a contract dispute with the company. Rusev hasn’t signed a new contract with WWE yet even though his wife Lana has inked a long term deal with the company.

The details regarding the contract dispute haven’t been noted and it is also unknown as to when Rusev’s current contract is up.

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