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Reason behind why WWE never revealed Becky Lynch’s real injuries

As noted earlier, Becky Lynch suffered a broken nose and a concussion on this week’s Monday Night RAW. However, WWE never really reported the real injuries that Lynch suffered rather they reported that it was a “fractured face” that put her on the sidelines.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Newsletter that this was done to make her injuries sound “more serious”. The belief was that a broken nose is not an injury that’d keep the Lass-Kicker down, even though the sole reason why she was benched was the concussion she suffered.

Be it a fractured face or a broken nose, the Lass-Kicker still cut a hell of a promo next night on SmackDown and proved that she’s the real deal even with all the pain.


  • CC

    Here is the more honest answer, WWE rarely ever admit to sidelining anyone due to concussion due to the fact that concussion in sports is always a hot topic these days.
    They have not admitted Bliss has concussion. They never said Vega had concussion. And now they are not admitting Becky has concussion.
    So yeah, they are not gonna say the real reason on TV and cannot use broken nose as people have continued to wrestle after having their nose broken.