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Possible reason why Daniel Bryan won’t be able to wrestle on NJPW if he leaves WWE

Daniel Bryan

We noted before how Daniel Bryan started a new round of speculations by saying that he is ‘working on’ his in ring return during an interview 2 months ago.

However later Dave Meltzer noted that he wouldn’t be able to wrestle in WWE even if he is cleared from outside because the WWE head doctor Joseph Maroon will not clear him and he stated that if Bryan does wrestles, it will be outside of WWE.

Although, during the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer ruled out the possibility of Bryan wrestling in NJPW, one of the most likely destinations for him to go if he does leaves WWE, too because they have the same testing procedure as WWE:

“If you have a concussion [in New Japan] it’s the same thing: they keep you out, there’s no questions asked, and they don’t put you back in until you pass the testing. Now, do they have the same stuff as they do here? Our stuff, we use the stuff that Joseph Maroon did with the impact testing, and whatever they do [in Japan] is probably the same. But when guys have concussions in Japan they’re usually out for a while.”

There is still a lot of time left on Daniel Bryan’s current WWE contract and with his newly found responsibilities as a father, it’s possible that he may drop the idea of an in ring return completely.

Though still, Bryan has a spoken up about his willingness to wrestle again multiple times and it doesn’t look like the rumours about him will be stopping anytime soon.

  • Arnold Jackson

    ROH in a heartbeat.

  • CC

    GFW might. Only because they are idiots and have no idea what they are doing.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I not sure what wrestling company going to sign him. Because Concussion is very serious issue right now in all of sports.