Reason For Maryse Missing Raw, Details On 7-Eleven’s WWE Promotion

— Maryse did not participate in last night’s No. 1 Contender’s Diva Battle Royal on Raw despite being previously advertised. The former Divas Champion revealed on Twitter that she was unable to participate in the match because she is undergoing abdominal hernia surgery. She will be sidelined indefinitely.



Maryse wrote, “allo guys i wont be going physical for awhile, im getting abdominal hernia surgery.”

— WWE and 7-Eleven announced Monday that they have teamed up to promote WWE collectible Slurpee and Super Big Gulpcups and straws. This marks the first time 7-Eleven has had three consecutive summer promotions with one entertainment property.

“It is a testament to the branding power of both 7-Eleven and WWE that has enabled us to undertake a third consecutive summer promotion,” said Michelle Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer of WWE. “We look forward to another successful partnership that drives WWE fans to 7-Eleven stores to collect cups and straws as part of their WWE memorabilia collection.”

Full details on the promotion are available here.

— Yoshi Tatsu revealed on Twitter that his birthday took place Monday. He turned 34 years old.

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