Reason why Rusev lost to Randy Orton in a quick match at SummerSlam

It was a surprising event when Rusev lost to Randy Orton in a match which lasted only 9 seconds at SummerSlam. Many wondered if this was a result of WWE being upset with Rusev as well for some reason, similar to Baron Corbin.



Though in the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer revealed that there is no backstage heat on Rusev and his quick loss was a creative decision.

According to the news letter, the idea is to present the loss as a fluke and start a long term feud between Randy Orton and Rusev on the basis of it.

The reason why Orton won is said to be the fact that he has lost a fair number of lacklustre PPV matches against Bray Wyatt and Jinder Mahal recently and the officials felt that he needed a win.

Furthermore, it’s being said that the decision to have such a quick match was taken in the favour of Randy instead of being against the former United States Champion.

While both these stars didn’t appear on WWE Programming this week, they are expected to continue their feud in the upcoming time though not confirmed for how long.

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