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Reason why RVD’s WWE career is over

We noted before how RVD recently indicated on Twitter that his WWE return is in the hands of Triple H, though now it appears that his career in the company is over for good.

The former WWE Star is in the procedure of taking divorce with his wife Sonya and The Blast revealed some documents he has filed in court, related to his financial states.

According to the docs, RVD claims that he suffered a concussion while diving out of the ring during a match back in November last year for a promotion dubbed as PCW

The injury was said to have caused the former Champion ‘visual impairment’ and has disqualified him from working for WWE. The match in question can be seen below:

RVD further claims that he has taken a major financial hit due to not being able to work for WWE so he should pay less than what her wife is demanding and has asked that the judge consider his financial situation when setting support.

  • Arnold Jackson

    It could be he took out an insurance claim and if he wants it to keep paying, he can’t wrestle elsewhere. This wouldn’t prevent him from doing a Bret Hart thing and do meet and greet signings at indie shows for a payday. Maybe even guest ref or manage in spot shows but if the guy has vision issues, he is done in ring.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Health issue or not, but when your husband admits to cheating on you, you have the right to divorce him. Sadly in the US once it’s out that the husband cheated (and in this case he admitted he did), the Judge usually gives the spouse what they are looking for.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    I know, right?

  • CC

    Weirdly I seem to remember that the reason a few years ago that he dropped back from wrestling, and then only did the short run with WWE was due to issues with his wifes health, and now they are getting divorced.
    As he no longer has her as a dependent, there is nothing stopping him from doing stuff that will take him away from home for long periods of time.

  • CC

    “so he should pay less than what HER wife is demanding” … WTF?

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    RVD to WCPW/Defiant wrestling

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Why wouldn’t he go to NJPW or ROH?!