Reason why Undertaker wrestled a short match at WrestleMania

The buildup for the Undertaker- John Cena match at WrestleMania was one of its kind and the fact that their match ended in less than 3 minutes was even more surprising.



In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer talked about this and revealed the reason why the former World Champion wrestled in such a short match.

According to him, the match between these two legends was planned well in advance and it was supposed to be one of the top two matches going into the Show of Shows.

However, sometime before the event, Officials realized that the Phenom couldn’t work any match of a real length so they wrote the feud the way it played out.

The idea was that fans would know that the Dead Man would be there but they downplayed the match as one of the top bouts going into the show so it wouldn’t disappoint people.

No word yet on what were the complications but it could be anything from Taker’s health to him not being in ring shape or even a possible injury.

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