Reason Vince McMahon missed Raw this week

We noted before how Vince McMahon missed this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw but at the time there weren’t a lot of details available regarding the reason behind it.



Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer revealed some more details on the matter recently and noted that Vince missed Raw due to some impending XFL announcements.

So Vince wasn’t at the show tonight. He’s not going to be at the show tomorrow night because he’s getting ready for the XFL announcement on Wednesday. They’re gonna announce all the coaches and all the teams and things like that so he’s busy with that.

While Meltzer did not elaborate on which announcements kept Mr. McMahon busy, a separate report reveals that XFL will confirm the identities of the eight teams along with the logos this Wednesday.

Mr McMahon has told WWE investors that his role in the company will not be affected with the launch of XFL but it’s been noted on multiple occasions that it will be impossible for him to continue running WWE in the current way after XFL gets up and running.

The latest appointments of Executive Directors for Raw and SmackDown Live seem to be a move which is related to this situation so that the shows can have a governing body in the absence of the chairman of the boards.

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