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Reason why the Bar has been off TV


Former Raw Tag Team Champions The Bar was moved to SmackDown Live during Superstar Shakeup and they have not been seen that frequently on WWE TV in recent times.

The duo has only appeared on the show on three occasions since the Greatest Royal Rumble in April and it has made many wonder about the reason behind their absence.

Now in a recent tweet, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer talked about their absence and revealed the reason why the company has not been using them.

According to him, the rumors of one of their members being injured are false and the real reason why the duo has been off TV is simply because the company has nothing creatively planned for them.

This reason is believable as the SmackDown Tag Team division is already crowded and with the recent debut of Sanity, it doesn’t look like an older team like the Bar will be given much preference in near future.

  • Steven Stevens

    It’s funny to me that WWE creative have no trouble findng things for less talented wrestlers to do.

  • CC

    Remember the time we were told the team would be off screen for a while because Sheamus was filming a movie, and that never happened? Yeah, well stories like this should always be taken with a pinch of salt.

    The tag team division has taken a back seat for months now on both shows, so why would anyone expect any tag team to appear regularly? Hell, even the Bludgeon brothers are “blink and you will miss them” on most shows.

  • My Idea

    I was hoping the would be moved to WWE’s UK division before they announced that it would be an NXT brand.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    The Bar was thrown together anyway. Time to break them up and put them back in singles matches…

  • MindTricked

    Ah. I’d been wondering. Seems like a colossal waste, but what else is new.

  • ROB-1.

    Maybe Vince will show them the door if they have nothing for them to do.

  • My Idea

    With all the talent WWE has, I wish they would write people out from time to time to keep things fresh. Soap operas do it all the time. You could still have them do house show appearances but that would save guys from getting moved down the card or put in meaningless feuds like Jindar vs Reigns.

  • BB

    I find WWE’s roster is crowded in general. But this isn’t a bad idea. All these guys could work in shifts, kinda. Couple tag teams work for a couple months while a few guys take a couple months off to rest and recover, and then switch out with the rested guys once creative has something for them, and so on and so forth. And that doesn’t just go for tag teams but even the singles guys, too.

  • jedi

    Crowded tag team division? You must be delusional!