Reason why the Women’s triple threat match went on last at Survivor Series

Several were surprised with WWE’s decision of placing the women’s triple threat match between Shayna Baszler, Bayley and Becky Lynch as the main event of the Survivor Series.



Dave Meltzer managed to explain as to why WWE went forward with this choice, he claimed that the company aimed to end the show with Baszler winning since the management is high on her now while Becky Lynch standing tall was to assert her ground as one of the bigger draws in the company at the moment. He stated:

“I think that they felt that #1 they wanted to end the show with Shayna. I think that Shayna is really high on their list of things and people they want to push as stars. I think that they felt that Becky is the biggest star so she could go on last and I think they expected from the build because of all the three-ways that certainly had the best build that it would get the most reaction and it didn’t.”

“I mean reasoning, I can see the reasoning why they put it last, but you it didn’t work in that position unfortunately.”

The decision, however, backfired as the crowd was not behind the trio with Ronda Rousey not returning back while Vince McMahon was also not pleased with the bout. 

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