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Reason why WWE cancelled Randy Orton vs Nia Jax match

Intergender wrestling is a very controversial topic. However, WWE was slowly warming up to the idea by testing the waters back in the Royal Rumble, as Nia Jax took part in the Men’s Royal Rumble. However, they dropped the idea of intergender wrestling when they nixed the advertised match between Dean Ambrose and Nia Jax.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter mentioned that WWE also had plans for a Randy Orton vs Nia Jax match. This was already teased during their interaction at the Royal Rumble, where Orton gave Jax an RKO for good measure.

It seems that something happened that change Vince McMahon’s mind and it seems to have been Triple H who has been openly against that kind of match.

Vince McMahon himself was at one point interested [in intergender wrestling] and then changed his mind. Paul Levesque has been publicly negative on them and hasn’t done them in NXT either.

Perhaps WWE will eventually embrace the idea of intergender wrestling in 2019. After all, many female talents are more than ready for that kind of matchup. We will have to wait until then.

  • Glen Värîs

    Inter gender matches are no win, he wins it’s expected and does little for her, she wins, it makes him look weak and assumes she can beat a man then she should be able to beat every woman.

    Keep this all separate. Men and women are different

  • The Random Reader

    Triple H’s mind is poisoned of this stupid feminist toxicity

  • CC

    I still do not like the idea of inter-gender matches. As much as I think that small guy vs big guy is believable, I struggle to see how you can book men vs women and promote it as realistic.

    Just because someone is as big .. and lets call a spade a spade … fat as Nia, does not mean she can realistically go toe to toe with someone as jacked as Orton. Hell, realistically I would even see her struggle against Rey Mysterio. And lets not even start how silly it would look putting someone like Bliss or Banks against a man.

    Chyna vs men back in the day looked more feasible as Chyna pretty much looked like a man and was built like a man. Even Charlotte (who is very masculine built if you take away the false knockers) is not a match for Chyna now that steroids are no longer allowed.