Reby Hardy reveals when Matt Hardy’s contract is up

With Matt Hardy’s recent revelation regarding his lower back, the Woken One has spent the past week shadowing producers. Should Hardy not be able to return to the ring, he’ll still have a job within the WWE.



However, with his contract apparently ending near the beginning of the new year, Matt could look to wrestle elsewhere. While appearing on Busted Open Radio, Reby Hardy spoke on her husband’s state of mind and mentioned that his contract expires in March of 2019.

Matt is good. Matt’s right now going through a bit of a transitional period. He’s not really sure what he’s going to be doing. His contract is up in March, which I’m not sure many people are aware of.

But there’s sort of a decision to be made at this point as to whether or not he should continue his in-ring career or if he should pursue something different, which he would totally be up for and would be excited to do, I feel like.

He’s kind of giving it a go right now backstage. He’s at SummerSlam. He’s not on the card but he’s there. And we’re kind of going to see from here. It’s really a transitional time right now.

It seems that Matt Hardy could very well stick around for a backstage position with the WWE. However, if he gets that itch around March, who knows what the Woken One will do.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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