Recap from the TNA Bound For Glory Post-PPV Press Conference

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– Here is a recap of TNA’s post-show press conference that streamed online last night after Bound For Glory.

Eric Young

The first person is Eric Young. Eric Young is asked about the main event and Eric says that he wants to face A.J. Eric says that Sting’s time has come and gone and it is his time and World Elite’s time. Eric is asked what is next and Eric says that it is the group first. He says that Americans are not used to working as a team. He says that they will get bigger and stronger. Eric is asked if he thinks he is a legend. Eric says that he is the Legends Champion and he is in the Wrestling Hall of Fame. Eric is asked how long he thinks he will be the Legends Champion and Eric says that he will be the champion forever. Eric is asked which legend he would like to wrestle. He says that he would like to face Ric Flair or Sting.

Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan is next. Matt is asked how he feels and Matt says that he has gone through a lot. Matt says that he is banged up after going to war with the best wrestler in the world. Matt is asked about how Angle is able to change up his game and then he is asked about what went wrong during the match. Matt says that you can have the best game plan, but Kurt is the ultimate chessmaster and he can change things at any time. Matt says that he went into the match with a lot of hatred for Angle, but he has much more respect for Angle. He says that Angle did not go for any short cuts. Matt says that Angle told him that this was the furthest that he has been taken. Matt says that he is usually a sore loser, but he goes home with a lot of pride because he earned Kurt’s respect. Matt says that it means a lot for him. Matt is asked about how he ‘advanced’ in his career by having Kurt raise his hand. Matt says that it was a shock and it hit him like a ton of bricks. Matt says that he got his shoulder up just after the three count. He says that it meant a lot to be that close against the best in the world. Matt says that he was not surprised that Angle went after his leg and he took advantage of things. Matt is asked what his match means for ‘big man wrestling.’ Matt says that his goal has been to set the stage for future seven footers to have the goal to raise the standards and have the athleticism and charisma instead of the ‘fi fie fo fum I’m seven foot and dumb’ wrestlers. Matt says that he was honored to be in the semi main event and his next goal is the World Title.


The next to the podium is Daniels. He is asked how he is doing. Daniels says that he is a bit beaten up and sore. He says the end of the match was a bit of a blur as he hit the mat. He says that things happen and him and Suicide were fighting for the belt and he wanted to be able to hold onto the belt a little longer. Daniels is asked about the bump and he said that he was not expecting to see the truss and it changed up his game plan. He talks about using what you have. Daniels figured that he could climb down the truss and use the environment to help him. He says that it worked against him a bit and Red was able to retain the title. Daniels is asked if an Ultimate X match is a respect builder. He says that the match is the next step in wrestling but there is so little wrestling because the match does not have to deal with the skill. It is about what you are willing to put on the line to win the match. If someone is intimidated by the height and the spectacle, you are going to lose. He talks about the people who have won the Ultimate X match and you come out with respect. Daniels says that he hopes he earned everyone’s respect after what he did. He is asked where this match ranks in his career. Daniels says that losing the match brings it down a notch because he was so close. Daniels mentions that he has a bruised neck and a slightly separated shoulder. Daniels mentions some of the curve balls with The Pope not in the match and the Machine Guns added. He says the match was a disappointment, but he did everything that he was willing to do and then some. Red was the one who was lucky enough to get the belt and he will have more chances at the title.

A.J. Styles

A.J. Styles comes out next. A.J. is asked what is like to end Sting’s streak. A.J. says that he won the match, but he wishes that Sting would have been able to win. A.J. says that he is proud to still be champion. A.J. says that he is beaten up after the match. He says that Sting gave him everything and he was able to keep the title. A.J. says that Sting is one of the best and he was honored that Sting accepted his challenge and gave him everything. A.J. says that he found out who he is after what Sting did in the ring. A.J. is asked if he was surprised by anything or if he went to the next level. A.J. says that he learned a new level of pain because he thought his back was going to break in half in the Scorpion Death Lock. Sting is an icon for a reason. A.J. is asked if there was any apprehension because of what the match meant for Sting. A.J. says that he has so much respect for Sting that he asked to wrestle Sting in front of his family and friends. He wanted to give Sting the chance to wear the title belt one more time, but he was not going to hand it to him. They are not just friends, but they are believers. A.J. was asked what he was thinking when he hit the Pele kick. He wanted to know if Sting would ever go down and then he hoped that he would be able to keep Sting down. He says that he hit Sting in the temple with the Pele kick. A.J. says that he did not think he had anything more. A.J. was asked about his ring gear and A.J. talks about the pink and the link to breast cancer awareness. A.J. is asked about the future and how he is the face of TNA. A.J. says that he is a fighting champion and he will take on whoever whenever. He would not want it another way. A.J. is asked if he has anything to say to Sting. He thanks Sting for being a friend and a mentor. He thanks Sting for being patient. He thanks Sting for talking about the gospel together. A.J. is asked if he ever thought he would be in this position. A.J. did not think that he would have a press conference for wrestling. He thought it might have been football or basketball. A.J. says that he was supposed to do this.


Sting is asked about how A.J. compares to other legends he has faced. Sting says that A.J. cannot be compared to anyone. He says that A.J. will be the innovator of innovators because his tenacity is endless. Sting is asked what he was most impressed about. Sting says that he gave A.J. everything and A.J. fought back. He talks about how he had A.J. in his hold but A.J. was able to get out of the hold. Sting is asked if he thought he had A.J. beat. Sting says that he thought he had it won the first time he dropped him. Eventually he did not know up from down. Sting is asked where this match ranks. He says that it is too early right now, but it is probably in his top three. Sting is asked about the end of the streak. Sting says that people made a bigger deal out of it than he did. Sting says that tonight’s match was not going to define him as a wrestler but he wanted to win. Sting is asked about the Pele kick and Sting says that he was fighting to stay up and did not know up from down. Sting was asked about what it is like to wrestle someone who is a competitor and also someone he shares things with spiritually. Sting says that it was a clean match and they expected it. Sting says that he could not change anything and hope for the best. Sting is asked about his time in TNA and he says that Dixie reminded him that he has tried to stop working a number of times and then he paraphrases Al Pacino bringing him back in. Sting talks about how the company has grown over the years. Sting is asked about a rematch with A.J. and Sting says that he does not want to talk about it right now. Sting is asked about facing some of the young talent like A.J. and Samoa Joe. Sting says that he feels like the Brett Favre of wrestling. He says that you don’t want to hang it up. He talks about Ric Flair when he was younger and how Flair wondered if he could keep going. Sting says that at that time he did not know why Flair wanted to stay around but now he understands. Sting is asked if there is anything else to do and he says that there is nothing else for him to do. Sting says that if it wasn’t for the fans, there would be no Sting. There would be no wrestling. He thanks the fans, especially the ones in the arena because they made him want to stay. Sting is asked if any family member could make it and Sting says that they were in Texas with his son. Sting is asked if this is his last match in TNA and he does not know if this is the last match. Sting thanks everyone and he thanks God.

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