Recap from Today’s TNA Press Conference – iMPACT Confirmed

– Mike Tenay opened the press conference and spoke to members of the media who were there.



TNA President Dixie Carter came out and talked about how far TNA has came over the years. She talks about January 4th and TNA’s record ratings. She says after seeing these results, TNA and Spike TV thought about moving iMPACT to Mondays. She confirms that TNA iMPACT will begin airing on March 8th from 9-11pm, head-to-head with WWE.

Dixie talks about Hulk Hogan joining TNA and introduces him. Hogan says he had no idea such amazing things would be happening in TNA in such a short amount of time. Hogan says he has never been around a company before that has so many positive things going for them. Hogan says this is bigger for him than any other wrestling moment in his career.

Hogan says from this day on, things are going to change like they have never changed before. Hogan says he feels young again being in TNA. He thanks Dixie, her father Bob and everyone in TNA for letting him be there.

A reporter asks them how long they think TNA will stay on Mondays. Dixie says it can go forever and says they have no other plan, this is it. They are committed to making the move. Another reporter asks why they decided to go from 9-11pm and not 8-10pm. Dixie talks about the Spike schedule but Hogan alludes to beating WWE and says this comes from a wrestler’s standpoint.

Hogan talks about the Monday Night Wars and helping WCW compete with WWE years ago. Dixie says there was no talk of moving iMPACT to three hours. Another reporter asks if there has been any reaction from WWE. Hogan says no and there won’t be because WWE doesn’t acknowledge their competition. Hogan says the talent in WWE are cheering them on because this gives them an option. Hogan says the people in WWE’s offices are running around panicking though.

Dixie says she wants to give the wrestling fans something to be proud of again and talks about TNA continuing to grow. Hogan says working at TNA is like going to church. Hogan puts over TNA some more before Mike Tenay closes the press conference.

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