Recap Of Charlotte’s Appearance On SportsCenter

Charlotte appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter tonight (November 17th, 2015) to talk to Jonathan Coachman about WWE. This was the sixth installment of WWE’s segment on the sports network.



There was a highlight reel of the top five moments in Survivor Series history.

Charlotte appeared on SportsCenter via satellite and talked about being the daughter of Ric Flair and how she had a normal childhood. She said that she had no aspirations into getting into the wrestling business. She then discussed being Divas Champion and how surreal it is to be a champion. She brought up the Divas Revolution and how she is the face of the Divas division. Charlotte commented on Ronda Rousey losing at UFC 193 and how she can’t wait to see how Rousey responds to losing her fight in her career.

Charlotte thanked ESPN for having her on the show and this wrapped up the segment.

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