Recap of Triple H on Robot Chicken, Update on WWE’s The Marine 2 and More

– The take home commemorative chair from last night’s Night of Champions in Philadelphia featured CM Punk holding the World Heavyweight Title and a collection of the WWE Title belts.



– Triple H’s appearance on Robot Chicken aired last night. They did a sketch playing off the recent RAW guest hosts with Triple H offering to go home since nobody wanted to face him. Actress Dakota Fanning came out to promote a movie but attacked Triple H to start a match. John Cena arrived in the sketch, Cena didn’t actually work on this project, and double crossed Dakota and the skit ended with them beating her with a chair as they promoted her children’s movie.

– WWE’s The Marine 2 starring Ted DiBiase Jr. will be released in time for the Holidays this year which is why it’s been pushed up from a 2010 release.

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